Flights To Airports In Spain

As you will notice when you begin to look for flights to airports in Spain, there a large number of airports located throughout the country. You will also notice that there are actually many International airports in Spain that service the same region. Many of these airports vary in size and have several different airlines flying in and out of them throughout the year. The first thing you need to know when you are searching for flights to Spain is which airport will be best for. Obviously, the most convenient airport will be the one that is located the closest to your chosen destination but unfortunately, for many reasons, that airport may not be available. If this is the case, you will need to know which other alternative airports you can fly to that are near your chosen destination. You may find that the town, city or resort to which you are wanting to visit does have its own airport but when you try searching for flights, there are none available. Even though a town or city does have its own airport, sometimes it only has a certain number of flights each week and these may not be from the airport you wish to fly from in your own country. Hopefully, this page will help you find the best flight to suit your travel plans and at the same time, help you find the best deal and save money.

Find The Best Flights To Airports In Spain

First, you will need to find the airports in Spain that service the region, town, city or resort you wish to visit. The easiest way to achieve this is to use one of the lists of airports on this website. We have compiled a number of lists to help you find the right airport in Spain for the destination you wish to reach.

Airports In Spain By Region

Airports In Spain By City, Town Or Resort

When you are searching for flights to a particular region of Spain, you may find that you are offered a number of flights into several different airports. If this is the case, you will need to find out which airport is the closest to the destination you are wishing to reach. Many of the low cost airlines that offer flights to some of the International airports in Spain actually advertise these airports as a particular city when in reality they can actually be situated up to 100 klms away.

For Example: Many of the low cost airlines advertise ‘Girona Airport’ as ‘Barcelona’ but in fact it is over 90klms away from Barcelona itself. However, it is very easy to get to Barcelona from Girona Airport as there are several coaches that go direct from the airport to the city. The point is that it is much easier to fly into Barcelona International Airport (El Prat Airport) than it is Girona. Even if the flight into Girona is cheaper than a flight into Barcelona ‘El prat International Airport, it might work out more expensive once you have added the cost of transfer to the price! When you are searching for flights to Spain, always consider the distance of the airport to your chosen final destination and don’t forget to factor the cost of transfer into your budget.

Smaller Airports

Obviously, in an ideal world you would like to find a flight to the airport nearest to your chosen destination but if this is not possible, don’t panic. As I mentioned above, some of the low cost airlines do offer very cheap flights into some of the smaller airports in Spain. Yes, these smaller airports are sometimes a greater distance away from the cities, towns and resorts than the major airports but there are generally very good Ground Support networks in place at these airports to connect passengers to all the major cities and resorts. Most of the smaller airports that are located in the many different regions of Spain all now have some form of transport in place to co-inside with the flight Arrivals and Departures at the airport. This is to provide a connection for passengers at the airport with the popular destinations close by.

There are some really good companies that now operate many transfer services to and from the airports in Spain and if you would like to see how much they charge for transfers to and from the airport to the destination of your choice, simply click on the following link:

Airports In Spain Transfers

Finding Flights To Airports In Spain

Spain is a very popular destination for travellers and no matter what time of year it is, many of the International airports in Spain are busy all year round. Airports that service the major cities on mainland Spain such as Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport, Malaga Airport and Alicante Airport are constantly busy with scheduled flights from all around the world. These flights include both business and leisure passengers visiting the cities or nearby towns and resorts. Airports such as Gran Canaria Airport, Lanzarote Airport, Fuerteventura Airport and Tenerife Airport that service the many Canary Islands belonging to Spain, enjoy a steady stream of passengers throughout the year from tourists making the most of the warm climates all year round that these islands offer.

Many of the other International airports in Spain such as Ibiza Airport, Mahon Airport, Palma De Mallorca Airport see a peak in passenger traffic throughout the Summer months when more airlines introduce Charter Flights to accommodate holiday makers.

Finding The Best Deals

Throughout the year many of the airlines that service the International airports in Spain offer some great deals and if you are flexible with your dates and times of travel, you will be in a much better position to find yourself a bargain. Travelling out of season can always guarantee finding a much cheaper flight to Spain than travelling in the peak season. Obviously, this is much better if you are wanting to visit one of the major cities where the weather temperature is not so much of an issue as it would be if you are looking for a beach holiday in the sun. Many people prefer to visit the cities out of season when the temperature is a little cooler and it is easier to walk around sightseeing without getting too hot. If you are wanting a little sun then it can be advantageous to try and look for flights at the beginning of the Summer season and near the end of the season.

If you do not need to travel on any specific dates, it is much better to let the airlines dictate the dates you fly. Doing this will allow you to pick and choose the cheapest flights possible and you will be amazed at just how cheap you can purchase a flight to Spain. If you keep your eye out, you are sure to find a deal on your flights to airports in Spain to suit you.