Airports In Spain Car Hire

Car hire from the airports in Spain is a very popular choice with passengers landing at the large number of airports throughout Spain. Although some of the airports in Spain have better transport systems in place than others and also do not warrant car hire as much, car hire can sometimes work out a cheaper option of transfer for many passengers, especially if you are travelling in a group.

Pre-Book Your Car Hire in Spain and Save Money

As with most things when travelling, pre-booking your car hire is always the best policy. If you are travelling to one of the airports in Spain and wish to hire a car, it is advisable to pre-book your car hire in advance and there are many reasons why this is so.

The price you pay for your car hire, is determined by many different factors, however one of the main factors is simple supply and demand. Car hire companies at the airports only have a limited number of cars available at any one time and once the demand for these cars increases, so does the price! The sooner you book your car hire, the better deal you will receive. Once more people begin to book their car hire and the number of available cars diminishes, the price increases. I am sure you will have noticed that when you look around for car hire and then return to a site which has previously quoted you one price, it has gone up or is no longer available. This is simply because other people have made reservations and the longer you leave it, the more it will cost or you are likely to be disappointed when you find that the car you wanted is no longer available.

Never Book At The Airport

Never turn up at the airport and hire your car! This will only result in one thing and that is you being charged a premium price and paying an extortionate amount of money for your car hire. The reason why you will be charged a premium rate is because you are a captive market. You are at the airport wanting car hire and you have no other alternative than to book through the car hire companies at the airport. The car hire companies know you will be desperate and will not offer you any reductions or deals as you would receive by booking it early.

If you book your car hire early before you travel, the car hire companies want your custom and they know that you have a very large number of car hire companies you can choose from. As a result, they offer you the discount rates to entice you into booking early with them and securing your booking.

Why Book Car Hire

No matter which one of the airports in Spain you are flying in to, you will be able to hire a car. Car hire can be a much more viable option in terms of transport and transfer to and from the airport, especially if there are a few people travelling in your party where costs can be shared.

Car hire provides you with freedom from the minute you arrive at the airport and collect your car to the minute you drop your car off on return. Car rental from the airport allows you to plan your own schedule from the start without having to wait around for other passengers or public transport. The added bonus of hiring a car from the airport, is that it provides you with transport for the full duration of your stay. This then allows you to explore much more of Spain than you would have been able to, had you not hired a car.

Things To Consider

There are many factors that you should take into account when you are planning your airport transfers in Spain. As we have previously mentioned, car rental can be a much more cost effective form of transfer for many reason but one of the factors you should ensure you take into account when booking your flight is the location of the airport in relation to your final destination. This may seem obvious but many people fall foul of this and as a result, end up spending more money than they had first expected, simple because they didn’t do their homework first.

Distances From The Airports

Many of the low cost airlines now use a number of the airports throughout Spain and many of the smaller airports are actually a much longer distance from the city to which the airlines advertise. For example, many of the low cost airlines fly into Girona Airport and advertise the airport as Barcelona GRO or Barcelona Girona, yet Girona Airport is actually 90 klms (55 miles) from the city of Barcelona and Reus Airport which is actually 111 klms (70 miles) from Barcelona but still advertised as Barcelona Reus Airport. This means that if you wish to get from any of these smaller airports to Barcelona, you will need to either take public transport such as the bus or train but renting a car could be a cheaper option if there are several people travelling.

If you are arriving on a late night flight, then car rental can work out a much safer option, especially if you are travelling a considerable distance to your final destination. Remember, public transport only runs until a certain time and although most of the public transport network do run at times to co-inside with the last flights arriving and departing from the airports, these will only get you to the main city and it may be more difficult to find transport for your onward journey.

The above are all basic factors that you should consider when choosing your airport in Spain and deciding on whether car hire is the best option for you and whether it will be beneficial for your stay. It is definitely worth considering and comparing prices to see if you can find a car hire deal in Spain that will work out more cost effective than paying for other forms of transfer.