A Simple Guide To A Coruna Airport

A Coruna Airport is located in the municipality of Culleredo in North Western Spain. It is approximately 7 klm from the city centre of A Coruna and is the perfect gateway if you are hoping to visit the city or this particular region of Spain. The airport was originally known as Alvedro Airport and some people still refer to the airport as Alvedro or el Alvedro Airport. In Spanish it is also known as ‘llegadas aeropuerto a coruña’.

Although it is not one of the most well known airports in Spain, A Coruna airport is quite a busy airport which is steadily growing and has between 800,000 and one million passengers passing through it each year. The airport is run and managed by AENA which is a Spanish company that runs a large number of the Spanish airports.

A Coruna Airport Codes

IATA Code Fore A Coruna Airport: LCG

ICAO Code For A Coruna Airport: LECO

Which Airlines Fly To A Coruna Airport

The following airlines all fly into A Coruna Airport.

Air Europa – Air Nostrum – Gestair – Iberia – TAP Portugal – Vueling Airlines

A Coruna Airport Arrivals

The Arrivals area is located on the ground floor at the airport and this is where all passengers arriving at the airport will go. If you are meeting any passengers from a flight arrival at A Coruna Airport, you will need to make your way to the main Arrivals Lobby at the airport. If you are arriving on a flight to A Coruna International airport, you will need to follow the arrivals procedures that are in place at the airport. As with most International airports in Spain, passengers are required to clear Security before entering the airport terminal. If you are traveling from within the Schengen Zone, you may not be required to show your passport, however, if you are travelling from a country that is outside the Schengen Zone, you will be required to clear Passport control. Once you have successfully cleared Security, you can make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area. This is where you can reclaim any baggage you have checked-In for your flight. When you have reclaimed your baggage, you can then proceed to the main Arrivals Lobby. The main Arrivals Lobby is where you will find all the car hire companies, buses and taxis. If you are being collected at the airport by a relative or friend, this is where they will meet you. If you are being greeted at the airport by a Rep, this is usually the meeting place but you should check will the company you booked your travel with to confirm that this is correct.

A Coruna Airport Departures

The Departures area is on the ground floor and any passenger wishing to depart from A Coruna Airport will be required to follow the check-in procedures that are in place at the airport. If you are flying from A Coruna, you should ensure that you arrive at the airport in good time, at least 2 hours before your departure time. If you are checking-in at the airport you will need to make your way to the appropriate check-in desk. If you have already check-in online, you can make your way to the Security and Passport Control area. You will be required to clear Security before you are allowed to enter ‘Airside’ at the airport and you should ensure that before you enter the Security area, you comply with the Security Regulation that are in place at the airport.

Facilities in A Coruna Arrivals

There are many facilities available to passengers in the Arrivals area of A Coruna Airport. If you wish to buy food or drink once you arrive at the airport, there are café facilities in the main Lobby area.

ATM: There is a cash machine in the main Arrivals Lobby

Car Hire: If you are hoping to hire a car from A Coruna Airport, there are several car hire companies located in the Arrivals Lobby at the airport. It is advisable to book your car hire in advanced before you arrive at the airport as it will be much cheaper than if you simply turn up at the airport and try to hire a car direct. The following car hire companies all have desks inside the airport terminal.

Avis – Enterprise Atesa – Europcar – Hertz

Buses From A Coruna Airport

There is a regular bus service throughout the day that connects passengers from the airport to the city centre of A Coruña (Puerta Real). The bus service is very cheap and provides a very cost effective form of transfer to and from A Coruna.

Weekdays: Buses run every 30 minutes from 07.15am – 21.45pm

Saturday: Buses run from the city of A Coruna every hour from 07.30am – 22.30pm and every hour from ‘A Coruna Airport’ from 08.00am – 22.00pm.

Sundays and Bank Holidays: Buses run from the city of A Coruna every hour from 08.30am – 22.30pm and from the airport every hour starting from 09.00am until 22.00pm.

Taxis: Taxis are available outside the airport and if you wish to catch a taxi from the airport to your final destination, it is advisable to ask the taxi driver how much the fare will be before you actually get in the taxi.

Parking: Both Long and Short Term parking is available at the airport and the cost of parking is determined on the duration of your stay.

Duty Free: Pasengers can purchase a large range of Duty Free Goods from the Duty Free shop inside the airport terminal.

Restaurants and Cafes: Throughout the airport in both landside and airside, you will find several eateries serving a choice of food and drink.

WiFi: WiFi is available throughout the airport and the first 15 minutes is free, after that you will be charged accordingly.

Airport Lounge: there is an airport lounge availbe at the airport

Meeting Room: There is a meeting room available at the airport that seats up to 20 people and offer Internet connection and other audio facilities.

Information Points: Throughout the airport there are designated Information Points for passengers who may need assistance.

Telephones: Public telephones are available throughout the terminal building.

We hope that the information about A Coruna Airport has been beneficial.