Airports In Spain Near Benidorm

There are several airports in Spain near Benidorm but the closest International airport and most popular airport that services Benidorm, is Alicante Airport. Alicante Airport is located approximately 58 klms (29 miles) from Benidorm which makes the transfer time very acceptable. The other airports in Spain near to Benidorm are Valencia Airport and Murcia San Javier Airport. However, these airports are quite a larger distance from Benidorm and are therefore not as popular with travellers. Murcia San Javier Airport and Valencia Airport are both approximately 145 klms from Benidorm and take around 1hr 30mins by car.

Tip: Many people think about flying into Murcia Airport rather than Alicante because they see cheaper flights available. The fact is, when you have paid for your transfer from Murcia Airport to Benidorm and back, the chances are that it could work out much more expensive. If you intend flying into Murcia Airport rather than Alicante, don’t forget to factor the cost of your transfer into your budget! If there are several people travelling in your group, it can work out much cheaper to hire a car from the airport, especially when the cost can be shared. It is worthwhile having a quick look to see what prices are available on car hire from Murcia and if you want to check prices it is advisable to use a car hire comparison website such a Carrentals that will check all the major car hire companies in seconds and provide you with the best prices. Check Car Hire Prices From Murcia Airport

Flights To Airports In Spain Near Benidorm

Apart from Alicante Airport being the closest and most convenient airport to Benidorm, the other main reason why Alicante is the most popular choice of all the airports in Spain near Benidorm, is simply because there are more airlines that fly into Alicante than any other airport close to Benidorm. As a result, this means that passengers wishing to visit Benidorm have a much wider choice of flights throughout the year. There are now a large number of scheduled flights to Alicante throughout the year with many of the low cost airlines, which makes Alicante a very popular choice for passengers. Not only are there regular Scheduled flights to Alicante throughout the year, there are also a large number of Chartered flights during the Summer months that are in place to handle the large amount of tourists that visit Benidorm during the Summer months who are travelling on package holidays.

Getting to and from Alicante airport is very easy and due to Alicante Airport being the most popular choice with passengers wishing to reach Benidorm, there is a very good Ground Support network in place to transfer passengers to and from the resort of Benidorm.

Distance From Alicante Airport To Benidorm

Alicante Airport is located approximately 58 klms from the resort of Benidorm and the transfer takes around 45 – 50 minutes depending on traffic.

Why Choose Alicante Airport When Visiting Benidorm

Alicante Airport provides the perfect gateway to the Costa Brava and especially Benidorm. Alicante Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, especially during the Summer months when the airport experiences a large increase in passenger traffic, due to tourists visiting Spain for their Summer holidays.

Benidorm is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations throughout the year and enjoys a steady influx of tourists each month. The pleasant all year round climate attracts people of all ages and the resort of Benidorm certainly has something on offer for all age groups and tastes. Due to the fact that the majority of passengers visiting Benidorm fly into Alicante, Alicante Airport is now well equipped with all the facilities to help passengers reach the resort of Benidorm in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Benidorm is certainly the chosen destination for the majority of passengers landing at Alicante airport, whereas at the other airports in Spain near Benidorm, this is not the case. This means that passengers trying to reach Benidorm from the other airports in Spain near Benidorm might find it much harder and more expensive in terms of transfer.

Getting From Alicante Airport To Benidorm

Getting to Benidorm from Alicante Airport is not difficult and it is relatively cheap. Obviously, the cost of transfers to and from the airport to Benidorm varies and the cost is determined by which form of transport you use. There are several different forms of transport available for passengers wishing to get to Benidorm from Alicante Airport and which one you choose is simply down to personal preference and budget. Below are the different types of transfer available from Alicante Airport to Benidorm.

Public Bus

One of the cheapest options of transfer to and from Alicante airport is the public bus, especially if you are travelling alone on a limited budget. The public bus service is operated by ALSA and the service runs every hour from the airport. The bus journey is direct from the airport to Benidorm and takes approximately 50 minutes. The current cost (at the time of writing) of a single ticket is 8 euros and 16 euros for a return. Tickets can be purchased on the bus from the driver and the bus departs from outside the Departures area.

Shuttle Service

Shuttles are a very popular option for passengers because they provide a reliable, efficient and viable form of transfer. There are several companies that offer shuttle services to and from Alicante Airport and you can choose from a shared shuttle service or private shuttle. If you would like to know more about the shuttle services that are available from Alicante and see how much one would be for your dates of travel, please click on the following link: Shuttles Services From Airports In Spain

Car Hire

Car hire from Alicante Airport is a very popular choice but many people don’t consider it as an option because they think it will be too expensive. Car hire can be a very viable option, especially if there are three or four people in your group. The beauty of car hire is that you have transport for the duration of your stay. To find the best deals on car hire from Alicante, please click on the following link: Car Hire Airports In Spain


Taxis are a much more expensive form of transfer from Alicante airport to Benidorm but if the fare can be shared between your group then the cost does not work out too bad per person. Taxi is one of the quickest forms of transfer and if you do not mind paying a little extra, it can be worth it for the convenience.


Although there are several airports that provide access to Benidorm, your best option is certainly Alicante Airport. Alicante Airport is most definitely the closest airport to Benidorm and provides the fastest and most cost effective connections to Benidorm. If you are searching for airports in Spain near Benidorm, Alicante Airport would be the recommended airport to choose.